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The Last Days ...

how did you spent your year? What would do do differently? If you could, what would you change?
2016 was a year so different from any year i have experienced in my short Life.

You could say that that is the case with any year we go through and i guess you are right but it still is the way i feel about it. 
One year ago i decided to pack my things and move to the Island of Bali because i needed a break from the european system and the overall mood of this continent. 

I needed a change. 
I had to refocus and find out (and this is not meant in any esoteric way) who i really am. And you know what? I still don't know! 

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! What i do know is that i learned a lot about my self and how i used to handle situations and how i handle them now.
I learn to see that there is ALWAYS another way and to not freak out about small things (I used to be really good at that).

And even if i still somehow enjoy my dramas i came to know to discern which ones are necessary and which ones are not (yes drama sometimes is necessary in my life).
Asia teaches you to "go with the flow" to take things as they come and to let go of the control-freakishness that western culture teaches us. This will get done with or without you working yourself up about it.
Thats why my favorite word in Bahasa Indonesia is "Sabar" which means "Chill down" or "Patients" 
So beginning of October i flew back to Austria because this would have been my return flight so i took it to clear things with my apartment. I planned out to stay maximum two months but well... yeah at the moment i am chillin in my friends apartment in vienna with a towel wrapped around my hair - so yes i am still here! But only few more days and i hop onto a plane and im gone again.
Im listening to a 90s playlist and thinking about all the great blessings this year has provided for me. In many aspects this year sucked for a lot of people - i for one have a lot of love for the people around me in Vienna and in Bali. Without them things would be very very hard for me and i am grateful for all of them!

With my business picking up and exciting new things coming once i get back to the island of the gods i can only be in awe of how things developed so miraculously and smooth.

So i guess what i want to say with this post is to think about the positive and the intimate moments you had this year with your friends - friends are the most important thing in your life because they are here to catch you when no one else does.


All Eyes On ... Alexander Tinei

Alexander Tinei was born in 1976 in Moldova where he studied fine arts in 1991.

Since 2014 Tinei shows his work in various solo and group exhibitions such as the Saatchi Gallery in London, Gallery Specta in Copenhagen or Ana Cristea Gallery in New York.

Tinei lives and works in Budapest / Hungary

Follow his tumblr to see more of his work.
click HERE



I have to apologize at this point but i feel like writing this post in German.
I suck at german grammar but whateevvss this is my Blog ;)

Wie es der Zufall so will bin ich dieses Jahr zufälligerweise in Wien während auch die VIENNALE 2016 Stattfindet - natürlich hab ich es total verschwitzt mich als Presse zu akkreditieren (ich schreib gerade eine Mail hin! wish me luck!)
Aber für gute Filme und ein um solches Festival zu unterstützen habe ich natürlich kein Problem damit mit die Kinokarten auch zu kaufen.

In diesem Jahr ist der große amerikanische Kultregisseur, Filmkomponist, Drehbuchautor, Produzent und Schauspieler John Carpenter Mittelpunkt einer Reihe außergewöhnlicher Veranstaltungen in Wien.John Howard Carpenter machte sich erstmals durch ein Studienprojekt an dem er beteiligt war einen Namen. Nämlich in dem Kurzfilm "The Resurrection of Broncho Billy"

Ein weiterer Höhepunkt in diesem Jahr ist eine kurz-Konzert und Lesung von niemandem geringerem als Patti Smith die, wie mache von euch vielleicht wissen, für mich persönlich einen sehr hohen Stellenwert hat.

Die amerikanische Musikerin und Künstlerin wird so etwas wie „The Godmother“ der diesjährigen Viennale sein. Patti Smith, die dem Festival seit längerem freundschaftlich verbunden ist, wird das Programm der Viennale durch ein Konzert im Gartenbaukino sowie – erstmalig in Österreich – einer von ihr eigens aus diesem Anlass kuratierten Photo-Ausstellung bereichern in Zusammenarbeit mit dem amerikanischen Filmemacher Jem Cohen

Der VVK für die Karten beginnt MORGEN am 15.10.2016

Und die Ausstellung wird ab 2.11.2016 im Metrokino zu besuchen sein.

Meine Empfehlungen zur Viennale?
Hier sind sie schon:

A Qiet Passion - TRAILER
Stille Reserven - TRAILER
Personal Shopper - TRAILER
Eshtebak - TRAILER
Certain Woman - TRAILER

Personal Shopper, ein Film von Olivier Assayas

Stille Reserven, ein Film von Valentin Hitz

Certain Woman, ein Film von Kelly Reichhardt

Dokumentar Filme:

Auf Ediths Spuren/Tracking Edith - TRAILER
Cinema Future - TRAILER
The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger - TRAILER
Rebel Citizen - TRAILER

Listen to me Marlon - TRAILER
Fei cui zhi cheng (konnte keinen Trailer finden aber HIER ein Link zum Film)

The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger, ein Film von Colin MacCabe, Christopher Roth, Tilda Swinton, Bartek Dziadosz, GB 2016

Junun, ein Film von Thomas Anderson

Rebel Citizen, ein Film von Pamela Yates

Listen to me Marlon, ein Film von Steven Riley

The "Problem" with being me.

When you grow up you go through different phases or times in your life.
These manifest themselves in the way you dress, the music you listen to, the political views you get or set as a standard for yourself.
At some point i got to an age where i thought "okay i have to be grown up now"
And that involved bundling up my past and letting it be - even looking at what i thought was right back then or belittling the essences of my former lifestyle (music, politics, etc).
The years i have spent living in Vienna where just everything - literally filled with pretty much every situation one can imagine.

I got empowered.
I was dragged down.
I gained many new friends.
I lost many old friends.
things that we as overall would call LIFE.

In all of this my biggest problem was to find a group i belong to or to have friends who are truly my friends -
not seeing that the friends i had the longest already where all i needed.
Very slowly and probably only over the last three years i have realized what it is that makes me, me.
I realized that i feel exactly what is good for me and i learned to listen to my - one calls it gut others call is god others call it inner voice - whatever it is. I hear it and i communicate with it.

For people who got to know me in that age of 10 to 15 - i apologize - i was in full on puberty and obsessed by the movement of the 1960s to 70s (still am)
To question. To be against the system, to not accept authorities, to demonstrate, to voice your opinion even it that means that someone will get dragged out of their comfort zone.
These influences and a rather fundamentalist christian surrounding  made me think there was  only black or white (not meant racially) , no room for any shades of grey.
Of course i was open to discuss things and topics - as long as my opinion stays the only way.

I have come a long way since then and this article is not meant to be a strip tease of my privacy - at least not more then i have already let you in on.

Why am i telling you all of this?
Well. Last night i went out with my friend brooke who also lives here in Bali.

I met Brooke some months ago when we both got invited to an exhibition of a mutual friend who had taken our picture for her exhibitions (see her work HERE)
The minute i met her i thought i was standing in front of a reincarnation of the one and only Stevie Nicks herself. Brooke has exquisit sense of fashion and style and absolutely RAD dancfloor skills!

We became friends. So last night we visited a new rock bar and we had the best time ever.
We literally were the only people in the bar all night long but that didnt matter much to us because we had us, a whiskey and great music.

It was last night when i realized how i missed nights like these.
Sitting in a bar talking about (rock)music raising my glass to T.N.T. by ACDC and dancing on the stage feeling like "Heroes" with David Bowie. Getting sentimental when Leonard Cohen strikes the cords and sings his cold and broken halleluja and smelling the teen spirit of days past.

I saw how many years i was following trends and a crowd because it was the new thing to do and the better/adult way to live - but actually all of that is not 100% me.
I work as fashion designer and i love my job and i can not imagine doing anything else. But i have changed, i used to walk into a room with people dressed in the Louboutin heels and their chanel bags. Sipping away on their champaign glasses gossiping about everything and everyone moving their skinny hips to horrible house music complaining about first world problems.
And i felt comfortable with that - i fused into is, i became part of that lifestyle.

But it is not my nature.
My nature is having compassion for other people, taking an interest int them. I am a helping spirit and i do everything for my friends because my friends have become my family. I enjoy being around "freaks" - people who think look and act different and still take an interest and feel love towards each other. I dont give a flying fuck what or who you wear because that does not define who you are.

"Happiness is more important then making sure the dresscode is on point."

I have been disappointed by so many of the above named "friends" but also of other people who i truly believed where closer to me. And i learned to not get sad or aggressive anymore about other people failing. Because that is just the nature f humas. we make mistakes and i never made the experience that me sitting someone down to talk (my) "sense" in their head ever worked.

I have realized who my real friends are.
I have realized that people disappoint you always but it is up to you how you deal with that disappointment.
I have realized who my real friends are not.
I have realized that i am done pleasing people.
I have realized that my life is mine and mine alone to live and and happy with myself.

And most important i have realized the power of my own choices.
I decide with my choices how the picture of life is being painted and with that i also realized that i do not believe in "wrong choices" i believe in choices and the consequences and things that are out of my hand are not for me get in panic about.

So i rase my "knob" whiskey on the rocks to my friend Brooke who i had a night full of revelation with!



Road trip to UBUD

So this is supposed to be the first of many to come articles about my life in Bali and about my daily life here.

No worries i will never stop writing about Art or Film! just in case you wondered.
My friend Mirjam from Vienna is currently visiting Bali and we decided to "do Ubud" together.

The last time i was in Ubud was in February aka it was low season.

So we didn't want to go anywhere without knowing what every middle age desperate housewife knows about Ubud - oh yes i am talking Julia Roberts - as preparation we watch "Eat Pray Love".
People. Ubud is not like that. at all.

Besides the fact that the movie itself is a HUGE bore -
quote Mirjam:  "I want the wasted 2,5 hours of my life back please" 

- and in my opinion sexist towards women (come on she stays because of him and her life makes sense again because she has a MAN in her life? sorry but that is BS).

Don't get me wrong here, Ubud is nice but i prefer to visit during the off season. And also the outskirts of the center are more for the eye. We had some great routes through the jungle and beside rivers and the "Tegalalang" canyons.

We drove all the way up to "Tempak Siring" to visit
"Titra Empul" - a Watertemple with several fountains to purify yourself in.

Yes we did that, and i found the experience to be very nice! 
What was more to our discomfort or/and disgust where the usual tourist disrespecting the privacy of the people performing the ritual. Taking pictures and selfies at the fountain, wrapping their beach scarves around themselves as if they would be actual sarongs - not cool guys!

so of course there were many Pokemon to catch on the way ;)

We stayed at the BALILA Homestay owned by my friend Birgit - lovely place for, peaceful and good prices! (starts at 17€ per night incl. Breakfast)

 A small temple in the sacred monkey forrest in Ubud - and no it was pretty much impossible for  Ms Roberts to bike along that canyon, she would have broken her neck and died #Hollywoodfakesitall

 YAY itsa me Marky!
beautiful pottery colors on the way to Tempak Siring

We also stopped in Sukawati - it's known for its big market of typical indonesian handcrafts. I purchased a beautiful handwoven Ikat

 Handwoven Ikats - simply stunning!

So when we walked through the little gangs we stopped as we saw this rooster crucified against the wall of a house. I have been living here since half a year now and never have i seen or heard of a ceremony like this so i was very interested in finding out what and why.
Our friend Made explained to us that the owner probably liked his fighting rooster so much that when after he died he nailed him to the wall out of respect.... cooooool !!!

Me catching the last sun yesterday evening :)
have a great week you all!


Sundays finest

So one thing i just really don't like doing is taking pictures of things i see or places i am at ;)
i literally have to remind myself to do so over and over again. no idea why that is...

Anyway, i had some amazing last days here in Bali because my friends from Austria  julia and christina came to visit me.
Sadly they only stayed three days with me but we made the best of them and im sure it was not the last time they came for a visit ;)

So christina is the complete opposite of me - she takes pictures all the time - so all picutres below are by her and they are pretty awesome! (her camera has WIFI! #wayofthefuture)

having the girls here reminded me how much i do miss my old home, my dog, my apartment and and my friends!
I'm really happy though that i have friends like them.

all Picturres: Christina Haderer

So Julia got a new job at a fair trade company named EZA - based in salzburg EZA buys and distributes products from all over the world making sure they are produced under fair conditions for the workers in the country of origin.

So we went and visited ARUM DALU in Canggu - they specialize in Fair trade goods such as Silver goods, Woven bags, Ikats(traditional scarves), Lamps and even casquettes !

On our way to PANTAI SEHSEH


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